Collage of  turbo repairs, injector rebuilds for diesel engines in Canterbury

The one-stop specialist for diesel engines in Canterbury

 Hayden Corbett and his team of professionals at MDS Diesel Specialists can cater to all residential and commercial vehicles and can assist you with all things  related to diesel engines. From repairs to parts and services, we can do it all at great prices in Canterbury.

 So call us today for a free quote.

Range of diesel services

 At our Canterbury workshop in Kaiapoi, we combine expertise and workmanship to provide complete service for all diesel engines. We offer only the best in quality  services, products and advice, catering to:
  • Injector Pumps
  • Injector Repairs and Rebuilds
  • High Performance Modified Pumps and Tuning
  • Common Rail Fuel Systems
  • Turbo Repairs
  • Diesel Injectors
  • Hydraulic and Power Steel Hoses
  • Parts and Services
One of our diesel engines in Canterbury

Major injector pump upgrades

 We have the expertise and equipment to carry out major injector pump upgrades for extra high performance diesel engines in Canterbury, the West Coast and South  Island. We can supply new genuine common rail injectors at very competitive prices.

 In addition, we can rebuild, test and calibrate most light diesel injector pumps and injectors, including Covec electronic pumps and common rail pumps.

Hydraulic hoses and power steer hoses

 We truly are your one-stop shop when it comes to diesel engines in Canterbury. We make hydraulic hoses and power steer hoses at our modern and fully equipped  workshop.

 Let us know what you’re trying to achieve and we will build an injector pump to suit your requirements.

 For more information please contact Hayden and the MDS Diesel Specialists team today.
MDS Diesel Specialists (2013) Limited are based in Kaiapoi Canterbury, see our workmanship
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